7 Guidelines

7 Guidelines when considering Window Coverings

7 Guidelines to Consider When Purchasing Window Blinds/Shades

First of all windows are the focal point in a room and blinds/shades and should be both decorative and functional. There are so many options that the task of choosing the right blind/shade for your room or home can be daunting.  There are also factors that will influence the type of blind or shade you choose.   Here are some questions, considerations and guidelines to help you narrow down the choices. It is always best to work with an expert who has blind/shade and drapery knowledge because each product has its pros and cons.

The following 7 Guidelines will help you inform your blind/shade/drapery expert to lead you to the right solution for your windows:

  1. LIGHT: How much light do you want or need? Do you want something that is either open or closed? How about light filtering? Do you prefer sheer? Room Darkening or Blackout? Do you want to be able to direct the sunlight with a product that has slats or vanes?
  1. PRIVACY: Do you feel like your living in a fishbowl? Do you want the option to close the blinds and no one can see in? Do you want to keep the view and just block UV Rays. Remember if you can see out during the day then people can see in when the lights are on at night. Keeping the view and getting UV protection is a perfect when there are no neighbours such as on an acreage or a home with a view.
  1. INSULATION OR UV BLOCKAGE: What direction do the windows face? Is there a lot of heat or cold that comes in the window? How old are the window? Do you want to lower your energy bills? Cellular shades are a great option for energy efficiency.
  1. CLEANING AND CARE: Blinds can be cleaned at home but are magnets for dust and require routine care. Fabric and soft shades in textured fabrics and weaves hide soil better and are best cared for with light vacuuming or professional cleaning. Do you live on a farm with lots of flies and bugs? Perhaps you would prefer something wipeable?
  1. STYLE: What is your personal decorating style? Is it formal or casual, comfortable or elegant? Eclectic? Do you like bold colors and patterns or more subtle textures and hues with neutral or earthy colors? Do you like the look of hard or soft shades? Are you open to the possibilities of being creative and combining looks? This is where a blind and drapery expert can help you explore the possibilities.
  1. SAFETY: Do you have young children and/or pets in your household? If so, ask about streamlined cordless blinds or shades. Consider ultra glide or continuous cord loop if the window is too wide for cordless. If you have continuous cord loop make sure you mount it to the wall or trim. If you have cords, keep them out of reach of children or pets
  1. PRICE: Finally, how much do you want to spend? Are you doing one window or a whole house? Windows are an investment and there is a huge range in pricing depending upon product selections, fabrics, operation choices etc. There are many basic options and upgrades to choose from. Most of all, blinds don’t have to break you. There are many affordable options that look great however be realistic with your how much you want to spend and ask for a quote on a couple products so you have options.

 Furthermore, your windows are an investment and should add both beauty and function so be sure to get informed on product and work with one of our experts at Made in the Shade Blinds & More