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Layered Shades
Stylish and Stunning


Now let’s talk about a beautiful shade. Layered Shades have beauty and light control all in one. A design so unique that it can put stylish and stunning in the same sentence. Layered shades have the design of a roller shade with two closely linked layers of fabric and unified stripes of sheer fabrics combined with tightly woven bands of color. The sheer fabric helps protect your furniture and floors from the sun’s damaging UV rays, while the bold, wide stripes of color create a unique look for any room in your home. With the wide range of fabrics and colors to choose from you will surely find one that’s just right for you!


Layered Shade Features

  • when open light filters through horizontal sheer fabric
  • shades control the amount of incoming light and the view through when partially raised or lowered.
  • shades block up to 99% of UV rays when closed.
  • fabric wrapped cassettes
  • many fabric colors to choose from
  • available in light filtering or room darkening fabrics
  • can be motorized
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