What are the differences between roller and solar shades?

Roller shades and solar shades are both types of window coverings, but they have some differences.

Materials: Manufacturers typically make roller shades from various fabrics with room darkening materials to block light. Solar shades are created by companies using a special mesh or screen material to designed to block sunlight and harmful UV rays.

Light control: Roller shades can offer varying levels of light control, including room darkening options. Our suppliers make solar shades to filter natural light and reduce glare and heat from the sun. They also allow for some visibility.

Designers created solar shades to allow some natural light in while blocking excess glare and heat. They also provide visibility while still maintaining privacy. We can determine how well we see out and how much UV and glare we block.

Energy Efficiency: Solar shades for windows are a good choice for saving energy. They can help keep a room cooler by blocking the sun’s rays. This can lower the cost of cooling your living room or other rooms.

View Preservation: Solar shades provide a degree of outward visibility while still offering privacy during the day. The rule of thumb is how you see out during the day is how people see in at night when the lights are on. For this reason, solar shades are not a good option when privacy is a factor. Roller shade fabrics provide privacy but block the view when closed, whether they are light filtering or room darkening.

Aesthetics: Roller shades are designed for a variety of fabric options, colors, and designs to customize and match the room’s décor.

Solar shades typically have a more minimalist appearance due to their mesh or screen-like material.

When choosing between roller shades and solar shades, think about how much light you want to control. Also consider energy efficiency, privacy needs, and your personal style preferences.

Roller shades photos:

Soft white light filtering roller shades offer privacy and yet still allow light to filter into this office room.

Patterned room darkening shades aesthetically please the eye and offer a room darkening solution to this bedroom.

Roller shades can offer privacy and still keep a room bright.Roller Shades can patterned and allow for room darkening.

Solar shade photos:

Solar shades work well in commercial settings where it is optimal to see out while blocking harmful UV rays and keep rooms cooler.

Solar shades are like sunglasses for your windows. They help reduce glare from the sun, making them a great option for window treatments. Their simple yet streamlined appearance complement any decor or style where privacy isn’t an issue at night.

Solar shades providing UV protection in a conference room.Solar shades reducing glare from the sun in a living room.


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