Palladian Shelf to the Rescue


A Palladian Window Shelf is an easy way to address several different challenges for window treatments. Especially for large openings. While we spend a great amount of time selling window treatments, we put as much emphasis on installing them properly. But neither of these things (sales or installation) is nearly as important as educating our clients. We educate on the benefits, features, or challenges of each product. In this article, we will discuss the importance of using the proper hardware for your window treatments on wider windows without a casing to mount to.  The best solution is a palladian shelf for these large window openings.

A great example is when we need to address a wide window opening with a half-moon arch over it.  These windows are common in our area.  The challenge is with wider widths that require support.  End mounting on wider width windows does not give enough support throughout the blind and the result can be bowing.   Nearly every window treatment in such a space would require center brackets to add support. But, if there’s no wood casing to drill into, then there is nowhere to mount a center support.  If we drill into the window transom itself (an aluminum separator between the windows and the arch), it may void the warranty of the window!

pleated shades

While some might be concerned about breaking the glass, there are other issues to worry about. Possibly releasing argon gas, damaging the lift operation of the window, and reducing the energy efficiency of the window are a few. All of these are possible when drilling into the frame of the window itself. And can void the warranty.  Do not let anyone drill into the transom under the arch.

There is an easy solution called a Palladian Window Shelf.  This is a finished board painted to match the color of the trim or the window treatment that is end mounted on the sides of the casing.  This solid wood shelf adds extra point of contract the the entire top mount window treatment giving extra support and it looks like part of the window.

Palladian shelves can be as shallow or as deep as the casing, and are available in a variety of colors. With this option, there are no extra holes in your windows that void your warranty. We will install your blinds (or any other treatment) with security and peace of mind.