One of My Favorite Window Treatments Are Natural Shades

One of my favourite window treatments are Natural Shades, often referred to as woven woods.  These naturally organic and beautifully handwoven natural shades are an elegant way to incorporate earthy, natural fibers into your décor for an organic feel.

We just received our new samples and I can’t wait to show you our vast collection of soft, natural fibers and all the natural palettes along with some beautiful new color choices. They are crafted from sustainable materials such as jute, reeds, bamboo, and grasses, making them both smart and green for unique, casual luxury and style.

There are so many variations in looks and the weave style determines how much you can see through the shade.  A thicker bamboo reed allows less light through and offers more privacy. A thinner grass weave is lighter and airier softening the light that filters through for a beautiful effect.  If you are seeking more privacy or room darkness, a privacy liner or room darkening liner can be added to any of the natural shades.

Due to child safety regulations the woven wood operating styles include both cordless and motorized options for both safety and convenience.

Woven wood shades pair beautifully with rich wood tones or soft organic natural wood tones such as those in hardwood flooring. They have been especially popular with the urban barn look with white walls, wood ceiling beams and hardwood floors. Woven shades are an easy way to add texture to a room, which is a design element often overlooked. Texture draws the eye and adds warmth and dimension.

Natural Woven Shades also pair beautifully with drapery panels for a total room makeover. The effect of the natural shade and soft linen drapery fabrics is my favourite combination. The options are endless and so fun to coordinate.  If you need help creating that finished one of a kind look Made in the Shade Blinds looks forward to working with you to help you dress your windows for success.  Call 403-821-1037 for your complimentary consultation.  Check out our website at