De-clutter your Home/De-clutter your Life

De-Clutter your Home

There is a freedom behind de-cluttering and organizing. This correlation between your home and your life serve a powerful connection.  It takes time in the beginning, but once you have de-cluttered and organized you have freed hours of time and energy for the things you really want to focus on. It’s another aspect of healthy living.

To start get 4 Boxes.


Now, pick one room. If that is too overwhelming pick one closet or drawer. I like to start left to right with drawers, cupboards and closets but regardless of the order you choose to de-clutter and organize, make sure you finish a room before starting on another. Here are some guidelines for deciding how to fill your boxes:

Everything you own should be valuable to you, either because it’s functional or beautiful or you just love it.   These are the items that go in your keep pile. If it doesn’t fall into any of these categories it goes into the trash, donate or recycle box.

Every item needs a place where it “lives.” Setting things down on the coffee table or kitchen counter creates piles and confusion and chaos so group items and organize them because you will never lose anything when you put it where it lives.

Focus on One Thing At a Time

Focus on one thing at a time so that you don’t get overwhelmed. You’re trying to simplify your life, so simplify your approach to getting organized. Pick up one item, make a decision which box it goes in. When all the items are removed take the keep box and start organizing the items to go back into the space. Do you need storage solutions for the items to keep them separate and easy to find. There are endless options such as baskets, containers, etc. Get creative. A cleared space gives you new perspective and ideas for putting things away in an organized fashion.

Empty all the bins to their designated locations and keep them handy for the next closet or room. You will feel lighter and freed of the stress that comes with clutter.  Lighten your load and simplify your life inside and out.

Now that your home is de-cluttered and organized call

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