Change is Good. Embrace the Trends

Change is good and 2018 is bursting at the seams with fresh, new colors, styles, patterns, fabrics, accents, and finishes.  There are many ways to add these exciting  2018 trends in home decor.  You can take some of the ideas and incorporate them into your existing decor or you can start from scratch and get inspiration from the latest trends.  I think you will find the new trends a refreshing shift.  I hope these trends help give you a boost and inspire you to make subtle or complete changes depending on how they make you feel.

Some of 2017 trends will remain but there is a shift toward warmer, bolder and braver color choices.  Grey is still a neutral but with bolder colors such as lilac, navy and emerald.  Lavender and Lilac are the “it color” for 2018 and pairs well with complementary organic greens.  There is also a trend toward warm colors like yellow, red and coral.


With all this color there is still popularity with high contrast Pallates of black and white remaining classic and timeless.

The shift away from stainless steel and polished nickel is now leaning toward golden brass accents that are warm and subtle.  You will see this in vintage and artisan light fixtures, metallic handles and legs.

2018 moves towards fresh, natural materials such as stone, copper, concrete and granite.  Darker wood tones are back with walnut being a favorite.  These natural elements and materials are long lasting and stand the test of time.

I know you’ve heard me say it before and I will say it again “texture, texture, texture.”  Nine times out of ten if your missing an element in a room it is texture.  It is one of the most overlooked decorating elements.  Woven textures are huge for 2018.  Baskets, weaves, wickers and woven products are in. So remember, go big or small – but bring in texture!

Wallpaper, and fabric are also braver and bolder with geometrics still being strong.  Circles are big for 2018.  Agate wallpapers are “it”.  Also, bold tropical palm prints, botanical prints, and floral patterns are coming back.

Guess what else is back in furnishings?  VELVET.  This trend is going to be huge in furnishings. Think about a colour that is timeless such as charcoal grey or add a velvet chair for a statement piece.  Or if you still have a velvet sofa in the basement from way back, it may be time to bring it out again.

I love when the new trends come out because change is good.  It keeps us from getting stuck and allows us to explore what we are feeling.  It allows us to embrace the new and to be creative with colors, patterns, textures, finishes, etc.   We don’t have to change our whole house to embrace the trends. We can use the trends to inspire us to make subtle or drastic changes. So, if anything, it gets your creative juices flowing.


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