Your Teenager Needs His/Her Space!

The teenage years can be a challenging and transitional time.  These are the years between childhood and adolescence and the pendulum can vary day to day.  Because it is such an important time in your childs’ development it is a good time to allow them to transform their childhood bedroom and create their own personal space without breaking the bank and within your tolerance.  


They aren’t asking for the world but just for some individuality and a chance to play with creativity and have input to show their interests and style. Whether it is just a few touches to show off their personality or make a fashion statement there is sure to be easy updates that can transform and personalize their space.  

Transforming your teens bedroom can be a breeze.  First off, they are a very image and color-oriented generation.  A simple change in paint color can change the look and feel of a room. Remember mom and dad, you can always repaint when they leave home.  Check out some of my color blogs for guidance in choosing color palettes that are guaranteed to work. You can work with existing colors in the room and find a complimentary palette that will work and give a fresh new feel to the room.  This is perhaps the simplest and cheapest way of changing a room.  


Most teenagers have outgrown the childhood bedding and accessories so if you are looking to create a teenager room I would suggest starting with a collection of matching bedroom essentials to create a cohesive design.  Bedding is a great place to start.  Let them choose colors, textures and patterns that appeal to them and build from there.  

If they don’t know where to begin and let’s be honest, not everyone has the vision to decorate, then I would suggest they put together an inspiration board of bedrooms they like, bedding, colors, wallpapers, and anything they love.  There is nothing wrong with finding something you love and recreating it.  Why re-invent the wheel?  


Here is my most important design tip for your teens’ bedroom.  Make it a reflection of your teens’ personality.  Showcase things they love, pictures of people they love, things that make them happy, things they collect or that have meaning. This is what makes their bedroom their own personal space. They should feel good in their space and it should be a safe retreat where they like to spend time.  

 My hope in writing this blog is that it inspires parents and teens to work together to create new spaces for your teens.  Made in the Shade Blinds South Central Alberta supports parents and teens in their growth and creativity.  We love to help with room transformations.  If you are struggling on where to start or how to work with your teen on creating his or her personal space call us at 403-821-1037.