Home Decor Trends for 2020: Whats Trending?

Planning a reno or wanting to up your homes design game?  Here is what is trending going into 2020.  Feel free to implement the following trends into your home to bring it to its full potential or just take bits and pieces of inspiration to give a fresh look.  Whether you’re doing a full reno or one room it’s all the same process.  Always have a plan for the finished look.  Sometimes we start in one direction and get lost before the end goal so make sure you have the vision before you start and stay on track. This doesn’t mean we can’t change anything along the way.  It just means we see many things we like but pulling them together for the desired look in the end is key.  If you’re having trouble look to the professionals to help at Made in the Shade Blinds & More.

2020 Trends – Nature’s Abundant and Beautiful Natural Light

Bigger windows and more natural light will be the rave which looks great but with the heat and cold consider window coverings that reduce UV rays to protect your furniture and floors and manage temperatures.  Sheers, natural shades, shutters, light filtering roller shades or cellular shades in clean classic designs will be ever popular. Away with heavy and layered draperies and in with the decorative panels and clean lines of cornice boards or stream lined valances.

Keeping with the natural light, softer warm white walls are the rage.  You will see accent walls becoming obsolete.  Instead the walls will match and focal points will come from decorative accessories and statement furniture pieces instead. Be very liberal with accent pieces.

A Timeless Classic with a Touch of Modern – Black & White

Always a favourite of mine, Black and White is classic.  Mix with the gold, copper or bronze for a pop of pretty.  You will love the results.  This works in fashion too ladies.

Let’s take it to the bedroom.

Canopy Beds are back but this time let’s keep them bare.  No draping of fabrics or netting.  Instead, bring in an area rug and focus on the accessories to give it warmth.  Texture, texture, texture especially in the bedroom. Texture adds warmth and coziness.




Diving Into the Industrial Trends for your Home or Office

Carrying over from 2019 and gaining popularity is the Industrial Vibe.  I personally LOVE this look.  The 3 elements that spell industrial are metal, brick and cement.  Brick walls, concrete floors or countertops and metal stair cases or faux iron grills are synonymous with the industrial look.  Tie in wood finishes to warm the space such as open shelving in the kitchen, butcher block counter tops, or hardwood flooring.

Exposed shower plumbing and lights hanging with exposed cords are no longer hidden.  In fact, they add to the industrial vibe.

To contrast the heavy harder elements of the industrial look pair with sheers on the windows that diffuse the light but keep it open and airy.   With white walls, art work and accent pieces will pop color, texture and pattern for a finished look.  Don’t forget to use these elements in some pillows and an area rug to cozy the space.


Maximize Your Kitchen’s Appeal

Where do we tend to gather in the home?  The kitchen is the most common gathering area for family and friends.  It is where we congregate to break bread so let’s talk about what’s trending in kitchens.

Classic white is always in but the trend toward navy millwork blended with marble and brass is taking the front seat.  Black cabinetry is still on the rise. The cabinetry is also cleaner going away from crown moldings and staying simple.

Slab backsplashes are trending due to their clean yet dramatic effect.  Extending the countertop material up the backsplash gives a clean and contemporary streamlined look.

Steel hoods are the new trend. Using color in hoods and appliances is a fun way to pop in some color and make a regular appliance or hood stand out and look custom.

What is better than one island? Two Islands.

Double Islands serve the purpose of meal prep, cleaning, and socializing.


Add a Sense of Warmth to Your Home

2018-19 had trends that conveyed grey and white kitchens, but warmer finishes are coming back in.  The popular old wood cabinetry with a spin of modern and fresh paired with natural countertops like quartz and tumbled stone floors.  With these natural materials and earth tones taking trend, countertops are going dark with natural woods. Open shelving in the same wood tones to display dishes and add storage are the perfect fit for the industrial or urban farmhouse looks that are trending.


Use these trends for 2020 to help improve the look of your home but remember your home is a reflection of you so it should show your personality and it should feel like home.  Always add your personal touches to make it yours and not a copycat of someone else’s taste.

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