Updating Your Window Treatments

5 Elements to Consider When Updating Your Window Treatments

What makes a room have that “wow” factor?  Using pattern, texture, and colour with the right balance can take a room from “nice” to “wow”.  If your having trouble and your not sure what your room needs or what it is lacking call on Made in the Shade to help you get the right mix and combination of “wow” to create your stand out room. It’s time to update your window treatments!


Add interest by bringing in pattern. In this dining room the fabric pulls all the colours of the room together. The stationary panels give unity and height to the room.

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Take a leap of faith and add a pop of color. Don’t be scared to go bold and use colours on the opposite sides of the colour wheel. Use more than one colour so the room doesn’t get too heavy. You can mix and match colours and patterns to really have fun.

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Add dimension and depth by layering treatments. This adds warmth and softness to the window. If done right you can make your window appear larger. You can also use neutrals in layers to add elegance.

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For those of you that like to play it safe, neutrals are always a good choice. But we don’t want to risk being boring. You can still add some pizzaz with neutrals by working with more contrasting neutral colour pallets. These arched cornice boards add softness to the room and host a subtle elegance that will work with any colour combination.

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I often get asked “What is my Room Missing”?

Most times it is texture. Texture adds that natural depth and comfort to a room. Texture, like woven woods, pair beautifully with colours and patterns. Texture can be brought in through area rugs,pillows, fabrics, and natural elements. Don’t overlook this element. It may just be the missing piece to the puzzle

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