Pirouettes Custom Window Treatment

Pirouettes Custom Window Treatment for Your Space

Pirouettes anyone? Everyone wants to be number one right? Let’s make your windows number one too. The number one custom window treatment for all windows that is functional, simplistic and beautiful is pirouettes. Pirouettes work for various windows and spaces for multiple reasons. Pirouettes are:

  • Functional
  • Come in neutral colours
  • Cordless
  • Give privacy
  • Block out cold and trap heat in the Winter
  • Block out the sun and save power in the Summer
  • Cordless so no strings for pets or children to get into
  • Timeless


With as many reasons as mentioned above, how can you resist pirouettes?

Pirouettes come in different lift options. You can get them in PowerView, EasyRise as well as UltraGlide.

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