Staying ahead in Fashion & Decorating Trends for 2017

Staying ahead in Fashion and Decorating Trends for 2017

Design Inspiration follows Fashion Trends.   What’s Coming for Fall 2017?

In fashion its Animal Prints, metallics & bling, mauves and pinks, and jewel tones. Following a more minimalistic trend things are going to be bolder and more audacious. This will carry over to home decorating.

How can you stay trendy with your home? The same way you do in fashion. If you can’t afford the leopard dress opt for the classic black with leopard shoes and/or a scarf. Pillows, throws, area rugs can all give you the look without the price tag. Make a splurge and go for a set of jewel tone chairs.

Updating a kitchen or bathroom? Metallics, metals, raw cut quartz and opal will add a dash of sparkle. Or for those who prefer a matte finish go with the matte terracotta that is coming in.

Drapery Adds a Wonderful Element

Don’t forget to bring in fabric with Drapery and/or valance combinations. Transparent fabrics, floaty silks and sheers create a light, soft, romantic element to any room.

Drapery in Carstairs, Alberta

There will also be a shift away from open concept with the addition of little nooks and crannies. Reading areas & work spaces created to give some personal space.   Where can you incorporate your own space within a space? Consider defining space with ceiling mounted sliding panels, soft transparent draperies, or glass blocks.

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