Soft sheer Vertical Blinds

Something to Cover the Windows

Something to Cover the Windows?

“I’d like some new blinds,Something to cover the windows.”  To a client this means “something “ to cover the windows.   To a designer the term “Blinds” usually refer to hard treatments which come in the form of slats or vanes. Examples of blinds include venetians, faux wood, woods, and verticals and variations of the listed.   Each of these types of blinds have the ability to adjust the amount of light and the direction of light coming into a room. They can be open for full view, tilted directionally or closed for privacy. They offer UV protection when closed.

Faux Wood Blinds

Faux Wood Blinds

The slat or vanes sizes vary depending on the type of blind. Horizontals come in ½”,1”,2” 2 ½’,2 3/8” vane sizes. Verticals come in pvc, fabric or sheer wrapped verticals.

Vertical Blinds Study Room


Sheer wrapped verticals are the latest and more modern version of verticals. It offers the combination of verticals and sheer fabric. When in the open position the look is sheer drapery but the fabric wrapped vanes can be tilted to close as any other vertical. It is a softer, more elegant look.

Soft sheer Vertical Blinds

I often get asked “how do I know what color to choose?” This often comes down to personal preference. However, there are things to consider.   If you love color and don’t plan on changing the color scheme then a color will make the blinds visually more prominent than the window and will make a statement.

Classic Solution

On the other hand, if you want a more long term, classic solution (which is better for resale) then there are two ideas which are more common. You can either match the blind to the paint color, which offers less contrast and more of a blended look.  It works well with a neutral paint for that monotone, or tone on tone look that is popular. This way even if you change colors you are still safe with a more neutral colored blind.

Neutral color is a Good Option

You can also choose a neutral color closest to the color of the window trim. You can’t go wrong this way either.

Guidelines kids rooms

These are guidelines but remember some of the most beautiful windows come from breaking the rules. Have fun and be creative.

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“Blinds” offer function for any window but often the window may require softening with tapes, fabrics, valances or drapery. The sky is the limit. Talk to a designer about the possibilities.

Or if you want softness and function in one there are many soft treatments available too.

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