Smile! Do You Realize How Good it is for You?

SMILE! Yes You!

Did you smile? Now how much better does that feel? A smile is your most unique attribute and no one else has it. Everyday there is a reason to smile. Maybe it is the fact that you have two feet to stand up on when you get out of bed. Maybe it is the fact you can even get out of bed. Or it could be that sweet smile your child gives you when they give you a kiss at night. No matter what, there is always a reason. Let Made in the Shade South Central Alberta share some of the benefits of smiling and why we smile and want you to smile.

Benefits of smiling:

-It’s a free accessory

-Free to give and free to have

-Everyone looks better with a smile

-You breath when you’re smiling but not when you frown

-Psychologically enhances you (mentally relaxes you when you smile)

-Endorphins released to lower anxiety, pain and endorphins are what make us happy

-Boost immune system by relaxing and body not having to fight(free medication)

-Pass it on to others and pass on the healthy benefits to others

-Snowball effect/chain reaction

-Positive attracts positive (have positive people attracted to you)

-Facial feedback hypothesis: Our brain doesn’t know if it is real or fake

-So fake it until you make it

Smile! Yes You! South Central Alberta

For Made In the Shade a smile stands for 5 things:

Support – remember your support network should make you smile. Support from family friends can be emotional, spiritual and physical.

Motivate  yourself and others to be the best version of themselves.  Be motivated to learn and grow everyday.

Imperfection is not your reflection. Physical, emotional and mental imperfection does not reflect who you are. You can overcome any imperfection and be the exact person you desire. Inspiring others through presenting a positive image and going after anything

Live life with a purpose greater than yourself. Be thankful, give back and show gratitude. You are blessed.

Empathize with others. Build lasting loving and meaningful relationships by understanding and sharing feelings. Think twice before you make a judgement-everyone is going through something and has a story. See things from their side of the table.

Let your smile change the world and remember, happiness is right under your nose.

Smile! Yes You! South Central Alberta