Roller shades are a top seller. Here are some things you should know about roller shades to help you achieve the look and function desired.


Roller shades are a leading seller among window treatments, because they offer a variety of options to meet both functionality and style to match any decor. They are a more modern spin off of their Roman shade cousins and are typically a better price point. When shopping for texture, pattern, color combination, and fabric choice, keep in mind that every option provides privacy and is available in varying light filtering and room darkening materials. It is important to meet light control needs for each room in order to protect your floors and furniture from UV rays and to help regulate the temperature of each room .

white roller shade valence grey roller shade fabriclight pattern roller shade

To help you better grasp the concept of a roller shade, they work similar to a paper towel roll, with a cylinder tube at the top of the treatment for the fabric to roll around. The tube is attached with color coordinated end mount brackets and a continuous loop operating system that comes in a plastic, metal or stainless steel chain option. In commercial settings, the metal chain options tend to be more popular than their plastic counterpart, because they are stronger and more durable. However, at Made in the Shade Blinds and More, we successfully sell and install both and have had virtually no issues. As with any window treatment, in the end, it really comes down to personal preference. The continuous loop metal or plastic chains come in a variety of colors that can either be coordinated with the fabric selection or matched to the casing for less contrast. The continuous loop options is always secured to the casing with a hold down attachment, making it a safe option for children and pets.

Another child-safe option for roller shades is the touchlift cordless option which lowers manually by hand without strings, chains or cords, offering a sleeker, cleaner look. The shade slowly raises with a slight pull and release on the bottom hem bar. Rather than being end-mounted like the continuous loop roller shade, it is pre-assemebled with a mounting rail.

Sliding Panels with roller shades

Do you have that one window that’s hard to reach? Are you ready to include your window treatments in your “smart home?” Automation motorization is the perfect solution! There are several options available in motorization from battery operated roller shades, to power wands, to hard-wired. Motorization is a relatively easy process to understand. The motor is within the tube of the roller shades and is programmed to work with a remote control, switch on the wall, smart phone or tablet. The hard-wired shades are pre-programed and can be set to operate at specific times and on settings adjusted to your needs.

motorized roller shade

If you’re looking to compliment your roller shade or maybe even just hide the hardware or light gap at the top, consider a valance option. Like a valance on any window treatment, this option provides not only functionality, but conveys a unique style all your own. Depending on the mounting options and dimensions there are a variety of solutions available to meet your needs and preferences.

Another valance option is a cassette. Cassettes are a compact housing unit that are mounted directly to the ceiling or wall. The roller shade rolls up directly inside the cassette which also acts as support throughout. Cassettes are the general suggestion if you are searching for a valance for your motorized roller shade, for example, as this type of shade may need extra support.

Fabric valances coordinating with the existing fabric are another option and are generally the better price point of all the valance options. They can be inside or outside mounted, but do not offer extra support to the shade like the cassette, as its sole purpose is to cover the hardware and roll.

Fascia is a flat metal style valance typically used in commercial or more modern applications.

Wood Valances are another option that frame the top of the shade and can be coordinated with the wood tones of the room or with a shade for a more traditional look. Wood valances are also an option if you want something other than the plain look of the roll and brackets.  The valance allows you to hide the roller behind a color coordinated piece of wood. A roller shade inside a wood valance? Give ’em something to talk about!

When it comes to lighting a room, there are several factors that one may take into consideration. What time of day do you spend most of your time in that room? Are there light-sensitive objects, such as plants or art in that room? Who is spending the most time in that room? To satisfy all your lighting needs, look to the Dual Mount Roller shade. If there is enough depth on the inside mount of a roller shade, it is the perfect solution, offering the benefits of both a light-filtering and room-darkening shade in one. Typically, the sheer or light-filtering shade is on the front and the back of the shade is designated for room darkening.

For those that need it even darker, aluminum channels are an upgrade option that can be added to the sides and bottoms of the shades. This is ideal for room-darkening in bedrooms or tv media rooms.

Solar shades are similar in looks to a roller shade but they come with the option of a few different “openness” percentages.    They are in 1%, 3%, 4%,5%, 7%, 10%…  This option works like a pair of sunglasses, allowing you to see out without the harshness of the sun.  For example, if you choose a 5% openness percentage you are blocking 95% UV rays and the view is fairly clear.  

Whether you are looking at roller shades or solar shades there is an extensive variety of textures and colors that will definitely suit your home and style.