How to Mix and Match Patterns Like a Pro

How to Mix and Match Patterns Like A Pro


Let us show you how to Mix and Match patterns. As with most decorating, use odd numbers.   3 patterns is the minimum number you should use.   The key to mixing and matching fabrics is to vary the scale of patterns to create harmony and balance.

  1. Build upon one bold pattern. Pick a large-scale pattern. This fabric will make the strongest statement so it should be one you love. This does not mean it has to be used in biggest proportion. Large patterns create harmony and pull a space together. Use it as a statement, not as a theme. An example would be a large scale multi-color floral.   Use more colors with your large-scale fabric. Remember this is your starting point.
  2. Now choose a totally different pattern that is about half the size of the first pattern. This pattern is of medium scale with some color. Keep at least one constant color that is in each pattern to keep unity. An example would be a wide stripe.
  3. Next, choose a smaller pattern that is similar to either the first or second pattern and use two or three of the colors in the other two patterns. Perhaps you want a small floral or paisley.
  4. Now, choose a pattern or two that is just texture or a small check as a complimentary pattern. Small patterns draw attention to an area so it can be a little pop to bring your eye to a space. An example of this would be a small waffle check.
  5. Lastly, Add some solids to your pattern.                                                                                           

Keeping things in Balance

Keep solids and patterns balanced and in scale throughout the room. Putting pattern all in one area will throw everything off balance and can look heavy. Remember, pattern is not just fabric. Area rugs, wallpaper, textured mantels, are only a few. Step back and assess as you go. Have fun and be creative.

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