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Before you do anything Decorative or Creative in your Home,


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Take a good long, look at the walls and the doors and the windows and the shape of room!  Ask yourself “Do I love the colour of my walls? Now make notes. You will be amazed at what you will be able to see and how the creative process will begin to work!

Ideas will come to you when you take the time, make your home all about you!

This is the one place that you should feel safe and Special!

It is so important to DREAM before you begin any decor changes!  Many people rush their decorating projects. Take the time to work out the details before beginning a project.   If it is rushed that often causes  decor mistakes and end with decor that is not in your hearts desire!

Picture the room you want to create then put it on paper. If you are not a good drawer, then find pictures on line or in magazines to help give you a visual.

Beginning with a successful end in mind starts with a whole lot of thought and processing… and daydreaming!


I go into the room that I will be making any changes in, and literally sit. No technology, no music, no people, no pets… just me and the room and a pen and paper.

Now sit  and take the room in. Don’t hurry this process!  I take a good long, look at the walls and the doors and the windows and the shape of room! I get to know the traffic pattern of the room again and reassess them. And I make notes. Copious notes!  You will be amazed at what you will be able to see and how the creative process will begin to work. When I am CREATIVE DAYDREAMING so many great ideas come to me… my best ideas come to me.

In our daily lives most of us don’t walk into the rooms in our home and really notice them… we don’t take the time to give them a scrutinizing look! However, when we are making decorative changes we really need to do this!

Tableaux Window Faux Iron

Don’t hurry it! I think the more time I invest in CREATIVE DAYDREAMING the easier my room will be to decorate.

Break CREATIVE DAYDREAMING down into a few sessions. I always do this! Sometimes I have pages and pages of thoughts and notes from my sessions!

Use CREATIVE DAYDREAMING to think about colour and the way the colors you chose are effected by the light in the room…

  • styles, “feel”, tone, mood
  • furniture, what kind you want and need, what finishes, what style, what size, new or will you keep what you have…
  • where to put furniture, editing the furniture in a room, adding furniture to a room
  • what kind of window covering would work in a specific room, shades, blinds or shuttersRoman Shades


  • fabrics, what kind, colors, textures
  • changes you need to make, things you want to keep exactly like they are
  • little details, big details
  • wallcovering, paint, trim
  • lighting, chandy, table lamps, floor lights, ceiling lights, light switches, outlets
  • art, mirrors
  • vignettes, tabletops,
  • carpet, hardwoods, rugs
  • Therefore, there are a lot more questions to ask yourself during CREATIVE DAYDREAMING!

Remember to write all your daydreams and thoughts down. You will never remember all the great ideas and thought that will pop into your head!

Here’s what you don’t think about while daydreaming…

  • budget
  • how long a project will take
  • how you will get it all done
  • anything negative
  • anything that will squelch your creative thought and deflate your inspiration.

There will be plenty of time to be more practical as the decorative process moves along, this is when the reality of budget, etc will come into play, and then you will get really creative making your dream come true on your budget!  So Remember first, dream, then deal with Reality!

Happy Decorating!

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