How to Prevent Seeing your Neighbor Naked

You love your new home. The two car garage you always wanted, the perfect landscaping, the hardwood floors, and most of all, that view! That beautiful view from your picturesque kitchen window is enough to transport you onto the majestic mountaintop oasis where dirty dishes no longer exist. Suddenly, something flies into the corner of your fantasy vision…yep, it’s your not-so-majestic, yet very naked new neighbor. Do you wave or pretend you don’t see him? With no blinds or window treatments, those are the two choices you’ll ever have! Don’t keep putting yourself in this position, let us help you enjoy your view and your privacy. So, now we must ask, “what do I consider when choosing kitchen window solutions?”

In order to choose the best window treatment solution for your kitchen, it is important to consider the overall function and style. Where is the window located? Which way does the window face? Are you looking to maintain your privacy or would you like to maintain the view? Can you reach the window or will you need a motorized treatment? Not only are these questions that will help you choose the right window treatment, but our experts will also be asking similar questions to help determine your needs.

For example, if the window is above a sink, you may want to consider something that is easy to clean. Sure, fabric window treatments are beautiful, but have you considered beautiful fabric stained with spaghetti sauce? Ideally, fabric window treatments are best left for windows away from water and food. In this case, you may want to consider an easy-to-wipe blind with the tilt option to direct light. These blinds not only provide privacy but allow for a view while being offered in several varieties such as wood, faux wood or shutters. Each maintain the simplicity of being wiped clean with a damp cloth, but the complexity provided by the beauty of wood.




If you want the simple “open or shut” option, a roller shade would give complete privacy when needed. Good for kitchens, some of the fabrics are also even wipeable. For more modern kitchens, the motorization feature is always a popular upgrade. Of course, light-filtering or room-darkening blinds are always available, as well. These are especially useful for larger kitchen windows, perhaps in an open concept living area.

There are so many things to think about when considering window solutions.  Let us help by educating you on our products so you can make an informed decision within your budget. We will ask all the right questions to get to know you, what you need, and the style you’re looking for! Let us take control of your new, awkward neighbor situation, so you can keep enjoying that new, beautiful view!