Feeling a Bit Off? Maybe your Home is a Factor


Did you know your homes energy can affect how you feel?   Every home has an atmosphere and a feeling to it.  Sometimes when we live in a space we tend to not see the things that could be draining our energy.  It doesn’t take an expensive reno to make simple improvements.  Here are some decorating tips to create feel good energy within your home.

Start in the Entry Way.  This tends to be the drop everything zone and this is the first thing you see when you walk in.  Clear the clutter by organizing this zone with baskets, bins, and hangers.  Get creative and find decorative storage solutions. If there is a window, frame it with a simple decorative valance or cornice board.  Add an area rug.  Make your entry a reflection of what to expect when entering the rest of the home.  Remember the less is more rule here.  You don’t need to fill every wall space or corner.

Natural light is a key factor in creating a happy bright space.  Utilize all the natural light you have.  Frame your windows and cover them only when necessary.  Blinds and shades serve a function but your window treatments should create a frame and give your home a wow factor.  If you have shades or blinds, use them for keeping out the heat, cold and glare when needed but open them up and enjoy the view and natural light whenever possible.  If you don’t have natural light choose to add daylight lighting for kitchen areas and bathrooms.

Frame your windows with draperies, valances, or cornice boards.  This softens the window and when done properly does not have to take away the natural light coming in. Draw the eye up and give the illusion that the window is bigger than it is.  Hang draperies from the ceiling and not from the top of your window frame.  The idea is to add height and loftiness.  Hanging them at the top of the window frame can look squatty.

Color has a psychological impact so choose your colors carefully.  I could write pages on the psychology of color but for simplicity consider the room and the mood or feel you want to create.  Then do your research on colors.  Choose feel good colors and consider the balance and weight of the room.  If this is not comfortable for you go to the experts for a color consult.  It could save you money and time in the long run.  Colour is also a way to tie everything together from room to room.  If you have a red feature wall in one room consider adding some red decorative pillows and an area rug with a bit of red in it or some art work with some red in a joining room to tie the rooms together.  Don’t go heavy with the color.  Just enough to unify the rooms.

Sheer Shades

Don’t be too matchy matchy. When you choose pillows, throws, area rugs, or wallpaper mix patterns, colors, and textures.  Going all solids is boring and can be flat.  Also, odd numbers add more visual interest and appeal.  Groupings with varying heights, textures and shapes but a common unity in the setting is much more appealing than 2 of the same candle sticks.

Lastly add a few potted plants.  Every space needs some greenery to purify the air and bring the outdoors in.  Plants have the ability to help reduce stress so add a little greenery to a table or corner of your room.