Palladian Shelf to the Rescue

Using a Palladian Shelf for Large Window Openings A Palladian Window Shelf is an easy way to address several different challenges for window treatments, namely for large openings. While we spend a great amount of time selling window treatments, we put as much emphasis on installing them properly. However, it is imperative and necessary that […]

Change is Good. Embrace the Trends

Change is good and 2018 is bursting at the seams with fresh, new colors, styles, patterns, fabrics, accents, and finishes.  There are many ways to add these exciting  2018 trends in home decor.  You can take some of the ideas and incorporate them into your existing decor or you can start from scratch and get […]

A Soft Glow of Sophistication

 A Soft Glow of Sophistication with Sheer Shades Soft, Luxurious Sheer Shades offer balance between light control and style. The double sheer fabrics soften incoming light to filter harmful UV rays while providing an outside view.  With the ability to tilt the fabric woven vanes it will add total privacy and 99% UV protection. Sheer […]

Be Passionate About What You Love

  Be Passionate About What You Love Display what you love, use color freely, and don’t be afraid to break the rules. More important than creating that magazine perfect room is making certain your home is a reflection of you. Use your passions for what you love to create a home that is a reflection […]

50 Shades of Grey

50 SHADES OF GREY…. WHY GREY IS HUGE 50 Shades of grey. We all know there is a psychology behind colours. For example, red is the color of energy, passion, action, ambition and determination. We choose our clothing based on how we feel that day. However in our homes we tend to go more neutral […]

How to Add Color to your Space

How to Add Color To Your Space  When decorating a room balance colors into the 60-30-10 percentage rule. 60% is your dominant color. This is usually the walls. 30% is the main upholstery in the room. 10% is the accent color   Don’t forget to add a pop of black. A black lampshade, picture frames […]