How to Prevent Seeing your Neighbor Naked

You love your new home. The two car garage you always wanted, the perfect landscaping, the hardwood floors, and most of all, that view! That beautiful view from your picturesque kitchen window is enough to transport you onto the majestic mountaintop oasis where dirty dishes no longer exist. Suddenly, something flies into the corner of […]

Don’t Forget to Protect your Vehicle

Don’t Forget to Protect your Vehicle Have you ever considered putting roller shades on your garage windows? A lot of money is spent on the vehicles in the garage, so have you considered protecting those precious assets? It doesn’t matter whether its spring,summer, winter or fall, the sun can cause harmful damage to our vehicles. […]

Something to Cover the Windows

Something to Cover the Windows? “I’d like some new blinds,Something to cover the windows.”  To a client this means “something “ to cover the windows.   To a designer the term “Blinds” usually refer to hard treatments which come in the form of slats or vanes. Examples of blinds include venetians, faux wood, woods, and verticals […]