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4 Reasons to Choose Neutral Shades

4 Reasons to Choose Neutral Shades

Neutral colours are an easy way to decorate. The colour wheel is large, but when it comes to choosing your shades and drapery it can be made easy. Neutral colours are a great option for four reasons:

  1. Easy to Match Furniture and Decor

Neutral window treatments easily pair with your furniture, accessories and art work. There is no need to have to worry about getting the perfect match when your custom window treatments are neutral.

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      2. Easy Re-Sale Value

Neutral window treatments are a bonus if you are reselling your house. The window treatments are neutral to pair with any taste or preference. Custom window treatments also increase the value of your home and make your house that much better.

      3. Be Creative with Pops of Colour

With neutral window treatments you can add pops of colour with funky throw pillows or a patterned area rug. There is no need to worry about sticking to one colour with your decor when your window treatments are neutral.

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     4. Change Up Your Decor

Neutral custom window treatments offer the option to change your furniture or decor without having to worry about your window treatments. If you decide down the way you want a new couch, there is no need to have to change your window treatments.

Therefore, neutral custom window treatments offer 4 simple, yet beneficial ways to make your life easier. We want this for you ‘Because we care.’

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