Sliding Panels

4 Patio Door Solutions

4 Patio Door Solutions

Sliding glass doors offer a great view and are a smooth transition from inside living to outdoor activity.   However, they can be drafty and depending on the direction of the window light control or privacy may be required.  There are many solutions available that can be coordinated to suit the look of your home and provide function at the same time.

Sliding Panels are a great solution for patio doors, wide windows and room dividers.   The panel fabrics coordinate the with solar, roller, & woven wood natural shades.   Sliding panels are available with wand or cord control option. The woven natural shade panels can be showcased alone or have the option of a privacy liner or room darkening liner. Finish the edges with edge banding and what a stunning look.

Slidevue is another option for sliding doors, large windows and room dividers. The movable side rails with locking handles allow for smooth operation and minimal stackback room. Slide vue shades coordinate with the cellular collection, offering light filtering, room darkening, and blackout fabrics. Their claim to fame is also the high energy efficiency.


Verticals & Sheer Verticals offer the option of vane rotation and traversing. The pvc verticals are easy to clean, durable and block UV rays. There are many colors, textures, & patterns to choose from. For a soft airy look consider sheer veticals. Sheer verticals offer the function of a vertical with the look of sheers when in the open position. A beautiful alternative.

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For those who love fabric, Traverse Draperies are another way to soften the look of the window and offer light control and privacy.  They look and operate best when there is room to stack back off the window. Coordinate fabrics with some roman shades and the look is complete.

There are many solutions available depending upon the function and look you are seeking.  Let us help you find the perfect solution for your patio windows.

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