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4 Elements To Connect Your Heart and Home

4 Elements To Connect Your Heart and Home

Water, Air, Earth and Fire. These elements are what make up the globe on which we live. Furthermore, these elements make up our home. The water flows through our pipes, the air we get when we take a refreshing breath as we wake up, the Earth is the foundation to hold up our home and the Fire is what we sit in front of to stay warm and cozy. All of these embody are survival and help feed our heart and soul.

Each of these elements are encompassed within a home, as well as the warmth and love of the people who fill it. Made In the Shade South Central Alberta wants are clients to be surrounded by elements that bring them pleasure.

The four elements are each uniquely different and can be drawn out through different customized window treatments.

Breaking down the Elements

Beginning the flow with water, you may think of rushing rivers or trickling streams. A flowing window treatment is drapery. Drapery comes in multiple colours, patterns and textures so you will be sure to have the perfect ‘flow’ in your space.

Dining Room Roller Shades

Air brings to mind an essential element that is light and free. Pirouettes are a great customized window treatment that is light. As well, they offer a very elegant enhancement to your space. Roman Shades are also a classic touch that is light yet makes a strong statement of class and cleanliness in your home.

Roman shades

Fire may come to mind as something that is bold and vibrant. For those of you that love this, a bright cellular or funky valance would be excellent to give that ‘pop’ like wood crackling. Alternatively, fire may bring to mind a warm, cozy scene. If this makes you rush to grab your book and cup of tea, than a comforting space is just what you need.

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Moving to the last element, earth. Earth is the foundation of your home. Digging deeper, it’s what is in your soul. Therefore, if you want to connect with who you are in your home, you need to create a home that lets this shine through. Develop your vision. Whether it is clean cellulars, bold drapes, or elegant pirouettes, you have a unique mixture of elements to suit you.

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