3 Easy Steps to Measure your Windows

3 Easy Steps to Measure your Windows

First of all have a good laser measurer or a good tape measure. These tools will avoid frustration for you when the blinds come in.  Measuring must be precise and depending on the type of blinds there are specific considerations.  This is a good measuring guide for the basics.

Measure The Width

If you are measuring for inside mounting, be sure to take 3 different measurements.  Measure the inside top of the window, the middle of the window and the base of the window.  Now take the smallest measurement to insure the blind will fit in the window.

If you are outside mounting you can do the same, however determine if you are mounting on top the trim or above the trim.  You may want to add a little to the width as the fabric comes in from the top of the headrail on select shades.  This way the fabric gives full coverage of the trim.

Measure The Length

As with measuring length determine if you are inside mounting or outside mounting. Measure from the top of the window to the bottom sill.  Again always measure in 3 places, left side, centre and right side. You can add 1/4 ” to your length to insure when you close the blind it allows for full coverage.  The only time you do not want to add to the length is with sheer shades, woods, or shutters.  Then exact measurements are a must.

Measure The Depth

Be sure to measure the depth of the window as some blinds need specific amount of space to place the brackets and allow for the headrail to fit.    This is very important, especially on inside mounted blinds.  Remember if you don’t have enough depth your blind may protrude outside the frame and this will be noticeable from the side.  Also, note that products like hobbled roman shades or 2″ cellulars that don’t have enough depth will also come past the trim and light will filter through the side pockets or hobbles so these wouldn’t be the best option for room darkening in a bedroom.

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